Street Art in Korea

A trip to Asia took me in November 2015 from Busan to Seoul. I shot those images with a Nikon D610 and with the 35mm and the 85mm prime lenses attached.

The streets where full of color street art.



Seoul is one a few citys with street art that only can be seen, when it rains. A group of designers from South Korea startet the “Project Monsoon”. It was created for the annual monsoon season when it rains for as long as 3 weeks between June and September. (More Infos here …)


A bridge in Busan painted with seagulls

Street Art near the Seoul Tower:


“Springing from the ruins of the Korean War, Seoul has boomed in just 50 years to become the world’s tenth most economically powerful city and second-largest metropolitan area. No matter how large or small, Seoulites have never met a job they couldn’t finish ahead of schedule.”
– Frances Cha, “50 reasons why Seoul is the world’s greatest city: There’s a reason Asian tourists have ranked Seoul as their favorite world city three years in a row. Actually, there are 50 of them.” (25 May 2011), CNN, Cable News Network,


Sharks, Trees, Kisses and a Smile:



“South Korea has the second highest suicide rate in the world.”
– Matthew Thaw Hem, RocketNews24 (28 January 2016).



Writing notes, humming birds, holding hands and a robot:


South Korea …


“In Korea we live on the floor, we sleep on the floor, we play on the floor, we do everything on the floor. So, it is very important to keep the floors clean.”
– Romi Haan, as quoted in “How one woman beat South Korea’s pay gap” (19 May 2015), by Jung-eun Kim, CNN Money, Seoul, South Korea.


“Eight out of 10 Koreans wish to emigrate… 78.6 percent said they would emigrate if they could… 47.9 percent of those who said they wished to emigrate were already preparing to leave.”
– B. Kim, “Koreans want to leave ‘Hell Joseon'” (19 January 2016), The Korea Times.


“South Korea has such a low birth rate that it could become the world’s oldest country by 2045, with an average age of 50. If things continue at this rate, the country could even go extinct by 2750. All that aging is putting the country into some dire economic straits. Solving this demographic crisis will take more.”
– Drake Baer, “South Korea’s gender problem could lead to an existential crisis” (1 February 2016), Tech Insider


All pictures shot by me in November 2015


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check out those neon hongkong shots…



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